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Coders Cup 2023
Rules of the Competition

Rules for finals:

  • Contestants have 10 minutes to answer the question.
  • Whoever passes all the test cases the fastest; wins.
  • Contestants are provided with 3 visible test cases, whilst the rest are hidden.
  • If no-one answers the question in time, winner will be decided by the highest amount of test cases passed.
  • If contestants have passed the same number of test cases, the person who submitted the first - wins.
  • Contestants are allowed to use standard built-in libraries, but no other libraries can be used.
  • Contestants are allowed to use online documentation, but no other online resources.
  • Contestants caught cheating will be disqualifed.

Rules for grand finale:
  • The format is similar to that of tug of war
  • Both contestants start with 0 points
  • Contestants have 30 minutes to score as many points as possible
  • A point is scored by solving the presented question the fastest
  • Once one of the contestants solves the question, a new question is presented to both of them
  • A contestant wins by having a 3 point lead or by having the most points when the timer runs out


Rittman Mead
Electric Square


University Of Sussex